John's vision for the Attorney General’s office is to lead the state by collaborating with the administration and with the General Assembly to advance meaningful conservative policies. As a practicing attorney, John helps his clients navigate legal and regulatory issues so they can achieve their business goals. He believes Indiana needs an Attorney General who can appreciate the regulatory challenges of small and medium sized businesses.

John is a strong believer in the sanctity of life and the protection of all lives, born and unborn. Roe vs. Wade improperly invaded the prerogative of States to legislate and gave it to the federal courts.  The original meaning of the Constitution never authorized courts to act as super legislatures. As Attorney General, John will vigorously defend pro-life legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly and work to restore abortion as a decision for the States to decide individually. 


John is a strong supporter of the First Amendment and its values.  America is a nation founded on freedom – the freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and to petition the government – and these freedoms are why America continues to serve as a beacon of hope to the rest of the world.  At a time when political disagreement is less and less tolerated, John believes it is vital that all Americans cherish and support our freedoms.  The Attorney General plays a critical role in helping to protect the First Amendment rights for all Hoosiers, and John will steadfastly defend the First Amendment’s guarantees as Attorney General.  


John recognizes that success is not an individual endeavor and that the State’s interests are most furthered when everyone works together.  As a private attorney, John has worked on hundreds of successful transactions and contracts by bringing parties with different interests to the table.  As Attorney General, John will commit to collaborating with the general assembly and other stakeholders in the State to advance the interests of all Hoosiers.


The right to keep and bear arms is one of the most important protections citizens have against crime as well as government tyranny. John believes that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s rights to keep and bear arms. As Attorney General, John will commit to doing everything he can to preserve this vital freedom today and for future generations.   


Unclaimed property is another area that can use private-sector solutions.  Rather than passively waiting for Hoosiers to claim money they do not even realize is owed to them, John will work to utilize the State’s resources to locate the owners of unclaimed property and proactively return it to them.  


For example, John will use State contracts to push telecom companies to enforce Do Not Call lists for cell phones.  John believes that if a telecom company wants a State contract or financial incentives, they should agree to protect Hoosiers from unwanted calls to their cell phones.   


John is a firm believer in upholding and defending federalism.  Our nation was founded on the principle that one solution does not have to fit all the states.  This is as true today as it was at our founding.  Especially with the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, D.C., it is important that Indiana be allowed the freedom to experiment and find solutions that work for Hoosiers. 


John’s legal perspective has been influenced by Justice Scalia, who was an originalist and who believed that the original meaning of the Constitution is the proper interpretation.  


John has spent his career in private practice and is not a career politician.  Rather than relying on the same way of doing things, John will bring his private-sector mentality to the government to find creative solutions to our problems.  


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